How Student Esports is Revolutionising Inter-University Competition

AUTHOR: JAKE SCHOFIELD Social Media Coordinator case study how esports is revolutionising inter-university competition What do you picture comes to mind when you think of a university student competing? For most, images of outdoor sport will spring to mind. Or perhaps an enumerated rugby player stumbling out of a club dressed as a fairy. Whatever […]

Gaming Influencer KPIs – What Are They?

AUTHOR: JAKE SCHOFIELD Social Media Coordinator INSIGHT Gaming Influencer Marketing Campaign KPIs – how are they different? We’ve trawled through countless blogs that break down traditional influencer marketing metrics, but (as is often the case) the gaming equivalents have not received the same coverage. To fill this void, we have collected and collated the most […]

Gaming Influencer Marketing – A Breakdown

AUTHOR: JAKE SCHOFIELD Social Media Coordinator insight gaming influencer marketing – a breakdown Why gaming? The popularity of gaming has exploded, leaving audiences craving gaming content on streaming platforms such as Twitch, where the audience has grown from 1.07 million in 2018 to 3.02 million in 2021. Gaming influencers’ live video content draws in audiences from […]

The Gaming Community – It’s Well Connected

AUTHOR: JAKE SCHOFIELD Social Media Coordinator WELLBEING The gaming community – it’s well connected Gaming is not only about accumulating XP and loot boxes. As a result of their hobby, gamers often find themselves connected to vast communities of fellow enthusiasts, their esports heroes, and lifelong friends, among others. As gaming is a digital format, […]